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Copy editor in Munich

I’m a word juggler: an independent author, proof-reader and copy editor in Munich with a wealth of expertise when it comes to SEO. I write and improve a diverse array of online texts for internet homepages, online magazines, and blogs ― simultaneously keeping an eye on coherence and understanding, not just Google rankings. My clients are international companies, ad agencies and SMEs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

As an author and copy editor in Munich, I can always find the right words for your business.
Contact me via e-mail or call me at: 089 5480 6650.

Copywriting & SEO Localization

Professional author and copywriter

A successful website needs journalistic content created by professional authors. As a copywriter I find topics that truly interest your readers and write comprehensive texts for blogs and online magazines that support you in further expanding your status as an expert.

Editing and proof-reading for websites

If you are launching a website, sending out a newsletter or printing brochures, offer your clients perfection by letting me check your texts for mistakes and stylistic inconsistencies first. As a trained publication editor with a master’s in literature, I have a keen sense of language and can correct your documents in your CMS, or in Word, InDesign or PDF files.

SEO text consulting and localization

Whether you are creating a new website or updating a current one, I am happy to offer you SEO text consulting and localization services and support you as a copy editor with structured, search engine optimized content. My SEO text consulting includes concrete tips on how to improve your Google ranking.

Profiles for LinkedIn and Google Business

Do you already publish specialist articles, videos, presentations or success stories in professional networks? There is so much potential to become visible as an expert ― even if you don't have time to post all the time. As a copywriter in Munich, I would be happy to create a professional profile for you on LinkedIn.

Copy editing and proofreading for businesses

10 tips for efficient online proofreading

Proofreading is your key to successful online marketing because perfect texts impress your customers and business partners. They underline your professionalism and convey clear, convincing messages. Precise language is just as important in glossy brochures as it is on your website, in portals or short social media postings. In this article, you will learn more about online editing for businesses and tips on how to engage customers with polished communication.

Online proofreading allows businesses to improve their presence on web portals and social media. Whether for your website, social media, digital PR, or content production ― don't publish texts unchecked. Leave a good impression on your customers with every text.

As a copy editor I know, that online proofreading helps small and medium-sized companies as well as large enterprises to design their business communication professionally. Linguistic precision is an important aspect for a serious and competent appearance internally and externally and clear messages for customers.

1. Remove grammar and spelling mistakes.

A professionally proofread online text contains neither grammatical nor spelling mistakes. This is the basic requirement for any publication in any format. Formalities are also important. Unsightly line breaks, incorrect paragraph marks or a sudden change of type disrupt the flow of reading.
✓ Standardization of font sizes, fonts, line spacing, line breaks and formatting.
✓ Spelling of captions and descriptions.
✓ Correction of spelling, grammar, and spelling errors
✓ Consistent use of technical terms, spellings, and abbreviations
Optimization of typography in proofreading: use of protected spaces and conditional hyphens
✓ Correct misspelled hyphens and dashes as well as consistent leading and trailing characters.

2. Keep terminology consistent.

Often different authors write on the same work. If you are producing a yearbook, for example, you will receive texts from all departments. Different authors reflect on the past year from their point of view and describe their plans for the following one. However, sales representatives have a different writing style than IT specialists or financial consultants. Make sure that the company's internal terminology is used throughout the text. Here, special attention must be paid to consistent writing styles.

When online editing for companies, it is also important to adhere to your own wording. As an online editor, I create a style guide for you that all employees can refer to again and again when publishing.  The four-eyes principle is very valuable ― whether in-house or with a freelance editor.

3. Choose an appropriate tone for your target group.

People are different, and each target group has a particular tonality that you should keep in mind when proofreading advertising copy online. How does your target group want to be addressed? Casual or businesslike tone? General or technical language? Do you want to convey closeness or distance? The faster your company grows, the more important it is to set the tone in external communication.

4. Formulate your message clearly.

Do not write in a way that is too complicated for your readers. Only experts should use their specialist jargon when editing copy online. This way you show your expertise from the beginning of the business relationship and strengthen your brand. As an online proofreader, I check whether your argumentation is coherent and comprehensible. I use the comment function to point out passages that seem contradictory or inconsistent to me.

5. Appeal to emotions.

Win the trust of your prospects, build a bond. If you appeal to the emotions of your ideal customers and understand their needs, you lay the foundation for good customer relations. You can also arouse emotions well with storytelling and varied content creation. As an online editor, I can reword your texts for this purpose.

6. Put the focus on your brand.

You are a specialist in your field. Get your message across in online editing for business with precise and appealing wording. It is becoming increasingly important to strengthen your brand online ― for your search engine marketing, social media, and content management. As a copy editor I can help you with my expertise.

7. Check all facts and sources in online editing.

Always research the sources of information used by internal or external authors, influencers or online editors and writers. Check all figures, statistics, and technical details during online editing. You don't know where the information comes from? Then write about other topics instead. Also be careful with AI texts: It is not known who put the content online from which ChatGPT reproduces.

8. Show Google your expertise and experience.

Take Google's formula E-E-A-T into account. The acronym stands for Expertise ― Authority ― Trust (experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness). If you show expertise in your social media posts and whitepapers, you appear authentic and reliable. Perhaps industry-relevant web portals link to your web presences or quote your statements.

9. Build an SEO framework for your site.

For companies that acquire on the Internet, search engine optimization is naturally always at the top of the to-do list. Lay a good foundation and equip your site for Google with good, structured website texts. As an SEO copywriter, I'll be happy to discuss this with you and carry out a website check. I can give you recommendations on internal linking and design "talking URLs" for your website architecture.

10. Write a clear call-to-action.

Have you worded the call-to-action clearly and appealingly? Clearly communicate what you want your reader to do in your online copy. Call them and book an appointment? Subscribe to a newsletter? Book a webinar? It sounds banal. But texting an effective call-to-action is a true art. The fewer words you use, the more impact your buttons will have.